Cynthia Workman, Election Canditate

Cynthia Workman


Cynthia grew up in rural Lambton County, down the back roads of Dawn Township in an old farmhouse with two older brothers and one younger sister, her mom was a homemaker and her dad worked in a factory in chemical valley and was a hobby farmer for many years. Growing up, her parents grounded the family in the Bible, and instilled a strong sense of faith in Jesus Christ for which she is forever thankful as it has guided her through all of life’s challenges.

Cynthia worked for many years in the service industry and understands hard work and hardworking people. She has a deep understanding of the issues impacting Ontarians today, having worked for 12 years in a shelter for battered women on a First Nation Reserve, 13 years as an Addictions and Mental Health Therapist and who currently works as a therapist on a First Nation Reserve in Middlesex and has a private counselling practice in Lambton County.

Today at 52 years old, she is a single mother of 3 amazing kids and has a strong sense of community and the need to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Rooted in strong Christian values, she has always been passionate to stand for what is good and right, using good old Canadian common sense and grit. Her passion for helping people and fighting for justice is only surpassed by her love of God, family, freedom, the people and our great country of Canada.

She made the decision to run in 2022 for MPP after realizing that the Ontario PC Party no longer represented her values or had her and her family and friends best interests at heart. Forced vaccine mandates, erosion of rights, freedoms and family values, radical ideology permeating schools, government overreach into every aspect of the lives of Canadians, wasteful government spending and perhaps the most disturbing – the blatant and intentional attack, woke ideology targeting our children and most vulnerable which is being driven by a larger world agenda, are all a part of why she is running and has a personal mandate to ensure the conservative voice is heard from the rural routes of Lambton Kent Middlesex.

Cynthia understands Ontario needs common sense solutions to bring Ontario back on track and that working together works. And that is why Cynthia is a proud member of the Ontario Party, and believes in the foundational platforms it stands on wholeheartedly.

Fred Weening, Election Canditate

Fred Weening


Fred ran for the Ontario Party in the 2022 General Election, and is honoured to represent the riding of Milton in the current by-election.

Blessed with 4 children and 21 beautiful grandchildren, Fred is the eldest of 8 children born to happily married, godly parents of Dutch descent. His father Sidney, a bricklayer, stone mason, and all-around concrete and construction expert with an unrelenting need for truth in his life. His mother Sylvia, an exceptional homemaker, and biblical scholar like no other. At age 20, Fred married his beautiful wife Carol, and is humbled at how God used her in his early spiritual journey, while still a teenager.

Fred was raised around vegetable farms in the Holland Marsh area, working in agriculture for several uncles over the years. At the age of 27, he and his brother Ron founded Weening Brothers Mfg, a company tasked with building custom farm equipment for the vegetable industry, and later also founded the Trinity Equipment Ltd tractor dealership.

Through various business connections, Fred was given the opportunity to engage in various community improvement projects, and traveled to Sudan and Uganda with agricultural missions projects tied to 100 Huntley St. A student of biblical history and biblical life, Fred has a keen eye to understanding unfolding events around the world.

His latest venture is seeking to represent the residents of Milton as their Member of Provincial Parliament, and bring some sanity to the Ontario Parliament.