Petition on Digital ID


Petition to Ban Trudeau's Digital ID System

To the Government of Canada:

WHEREAS: The Government of Canada along with Ontario and other provinces is planning to introduce a comprehensive “Digital ID” program that will centralize every citizen’s personal, financial, business, medical and social information, and assign them an identification under this system.

WHEREAS: Central banks in Canada and around the world are already developing digital currencies to replace paper and coin money, and these digital currencies will be integrated into any “Digital ID” program.

WHEREAS: The dangers that this new program poses to upholding civil liberties and privacy rights, and the clear opportunities for abuse of governmental authority it presents in terms of surveillance and compelled behaviour, using access to basic resources as a tool of coercion, are ominous. They point toward progression to a dystopian communist Chinese-style “social credit” system.

WHEREAS: Some Canadian citizens have already experienced such coercion through seized property and frozen bank accounts in retaliation for their having supported the ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest, those acts having been justified by provincial and federal governments under the imposition of the Emergencies Act and a declared ‘State of Emergency’ in Ontario.

THEREFORE, we the undersigned petition the Government of Canada as follows:

  1. Insist that principles of data minimization, decentralization, consent, and limited access must be upheld by the federal government in every province of Canada.
  2. Demand a complete and TOTAL BAN on any Digital ID program in Canada or any of its provinces, and that any government endeavour seeking to establish a system akin to the “social credit” system of communist China be immediately condemned, halted and banned.
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